Automatic Roll Cutter

It can cut sterlizaton pouches automatically.

  • model: SEAL-SM07
★Microcomputer intelligent temperature control design, built-in clock, it can be set parameters and it has automatic storage function
★Machine equipped with automatic paper feeding and cutting function, you only need to set the required paper-plastic bag length and quantity according to actual needs. After starting the program, the equipment can process bag feeding and automatic cutting automatically.
★The cutting length is longer than 5mm, and the cutting quantity can be set arbitrarily;
★Multiple rolls of paper-plastic bags with different widths can be loaded according to actual needs to realize simultaneous cutting of multiple rolls, it can improve the working efficiency dramatically;
★The cutting speed is 12 m/min, light control technology is adopted to realize automatic sealing detection;
★Floating elastic pressure scrolling structure design is suitable for the cutting needs of three-dimensional bags and paper bags of different thicknesses;
★With automatic fault alarm indication;
★With counting function(Tally function);
Control system: 4.3’color LCD touch screen
Cutting length: ≥50mm
Cutting width: ≤400mm( multi volume simultaneous cutting sealing)
Cutting Speed: 12 ± 0.5m/min
Ambient Temperature: 5~45℃
AC Power supply :220V ± 10% 50Hz/110V ± 10% 50Hz
Maximum current: 3.5A;
Fuse: 5AX2;
Dimensions: 605X250X255 (length X width X height) mm;
Weight: 25 Kgs;
Humidity: ≤90% (R.H);
Atmospheric pressure: 50KPa~106KPa;