Ultrasonic cleaner 7.5L

Ultrasonic cleaners remove saliva and other biological materials from dental instruments by the process of cavitation using sound waves to create thousands of bubbles, which increase in size until they burst.

  • model: UC-SM1010
Tank capacity: 7.5L
Tank size: 321X238X105mm
Maximum capacity: 6L
Maximum length allowed: 37cm
Digital timer setting: 4-Keys(T): 10min-15min-20min-25min-30min-5min
Ultrasonic frequency: 35000Hz
Tank Material: Stainless steel SUS304
Voltage and power: 350W AC 100V      50/60Hz
                380W AC 100-120V   50/60Hz
                410W AC 220-240V   50/60Hz
Product size: 541X337X277mm
Net weight: 9.8kg
Gross weight: 12.5kg