Dental Suction Unit--Mobile type

Dental suction system is so strong that the dental assistant simply holds it close to where the dentist is working and it will suck away any nearby debris, much like a strong vacuum cleaner can suck away crumbs without actually touching them.

  • model: DSS-SM520
1.Integral type suction
2.Noise reduction,low vibration
3.Doors can be completely disassembled,easy to install
4.Separator and drainage bottle can be removed at any time to clean and install
Model   DSS-SM520
Voltage V 115 230
Frequency Hz 60 50/60
Power KW 0.45 0.37/0.45
Flow L/min 300
Vacuum Kpa -11
mbar -110
Net weight Kg 26.5
Lbs 58.4
Gross weight Kg 38
Lbs 83.8
Noise dB(A) ≤60
Unit dimension mm 360X300X784