Dental X-ray Unit Portable Type

Dental X-rays (radiographs) are images of your teeth that your dentist uses to evaluate your oral health. These X-rays are used with low levels of radiation to capture images of the interior of your teeth and gums.

  • model: DXU-SM210
1 Characteristics and main use
This portable dental X-ray unit is high frequency machine. The body is small, light weight and nearly no radiation. It has excellent image quality, portable storage, save more space. It uses high frequency and DC power supply. All of the components installed in the central PC board, insulation vacuum and sealed stereotype protection make its brilliant features. There are also manual buttons installed on the surface of shell, as well as batteries and charges. This unit mainly suitable for oral pre-treatment for learning internal organizational structure, root depth and so on, is indispensable in daily life clinic equipment, especially for dental implant surgery. It also can connect with sensor, with great convenience.
2.Checking and Security
!  Caution: Please learn relative security measures and functions given in the file or on the unit.
◇ Using the products after checking battery and the location of the device, make sure that is operates properly.
◇ Checking all the power cords whether correctly and connected formally.
◇ Operating the device in the designated order.
◇ Recheck the cone connect with the patient’s  face closely.
◇ Keep the device and the cone clean.
◇ Please use or operate the device and parts after taking a necessary periodic inspection.
◇ If you discover some difference in the sensor images even if you inspected its x-ray exposure time in the same way as before, then it means that the radiation of x-ray is abnormal, you must stop using it immediately and allow it to be inspected.
◇ Don’t use or store near the place which is possible to fire.
◇ Don’t use or store where air pressure or temperature or moisture exceeds range.
◇ Keep good ventilation and avoid direct sunlight, protect against the eroding of dust and corrosive air.
◇ Don’t use or store near to chemicals or combustible gas.
Small size, light weight, portable
Memory function, just once exposure, it can memorize exposure parameters forever
LCD screen, all function could be seen clearly
Tact switches, smart control, convenience operating
High frequency power supply, low radiation, handsome appearance
Developing in light room, image in one minute, can be used for diagnoses immediately.
Be used in intraoral cavity digital imaging system
Tube voltage: 60KV                    Tube current:  2mA
Exposure time: 0.2-3.2s                 Frequency: 200KHz
Tube focus: 0.3mm*0.3mm              The distance from skin to cone:  130mm
Battery: DC14.8V 6600m/Ah             Rated power: 90w
Charge input voltage:  AC100V-240V±10%   Output voltage: DC16.8V
Ambient temperature: 5-40℃              Relative humidity: <75%RH
Net weight: 2.5kgs                       Gross weight: 5.0kgs
Package size: 330*310*230mm